What a great Summer we have been able to enjoy this year. With all this beautiful weather we have been able to really make the most of our wonderful outside area.

During February Oliver Chitty and Jamie Swann have both begun their transition to the older children’s area. Oliver is joining his older brother Cameron, following in Sophie’s footsteps as they have both been part of the older children’s area. It is very special for us to share the journey of three siblings, from being or small babies through to going to school.

Our garden

Finally our pears are ready. In the past couple of weeks the children have been enjoying some cut pear as part of their morning or afternoon tea. It is wonderful to see how keen the children are to have a try of something out of our garden. Alongside Kirsty and Vicky some children have helped to make pear muffins and with Julie and Tash the children made a yummy pear cake.

Your gardens

We would like to thank the many families who have brought in fruit, jam and baking from home to share with the children and teachers. It really makes our kai times special to be able to share something from a family and all our children can have a taste, sometimes trying something new.

Physical challenges

The teachers have notice lots of our children having a go climbing and exploring the obstacle courses, ladders, planks and boxes outside. Their confidence is growing and it has been wonderful to watch them take pride in overcoming the balancing, turn taking with each other as well as supporting their friends. It is amazing as teachers to be able to sit back and observe the children as they learn from each.

Art and messy play

While we have been outside there has been plenty of opportunities for painting and messy activities. There have been lots of children interested in painting. And wow what little artist we have. Different types of activities have been set up from painting on the easel with water colours or paint, cotton bud paintings on the long box and if that is not enough many of our older children then enjoy the opportunity to paint when we go through to the older children’s area. As learning happens in so many different ways it is not uncommon for our children to taste the paint. We do discourage it but often the more times we say not to the more they try it and this is just a part of their learning.

There has also been lots of fun with playdough and our messy activities which involves a mixture of cornflour and water. With this activity we more often than not do it outside. The texture which goes from firm to runny, depending on how you hold it is always a fun activity for the children and teacher.

From Kirsty, Julie, Anna, Vicky and Tash.