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News from the Older Children’s Area, Jan/Feb

Happy Birthday to these children who have recently turned another year older! Emma, Holly, Kalyan, Ethan, Jack M, Viktor, Penny, Lou, Max and Emily. A big welcome to Penny, Carys T, Carys M, Ollie and Jamie who are transitioning/have transitioned from the Infants and Toddlers Room, and to Kean and Jack M who are new to our centre. Congratulations to [...]

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February in the Infant and Toddler area

What a great Summer we have been able to enjoy this year. With all this beautiful weather we have been able to really make the most of our wonderful outside area. During February Oliver Chitty and Jamie Swann have both begun their transition to the older children's area. Oliver is joining his older brother Cameron, following in Sophie's footsteps as [...]

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